Go There Moments of Degrassi (Season 6)

The show knew fans weren’t going to let the first graduation class go that easy. With that, we got to follow Marco, Ellie, and Paige as they found their footing during their freshman year at university. Just going to say this though, this is my least favorite season for ONE major reason. Teacher Threats Mr.... Continue Reading →

Go There Moments of Degrassi (Season 5)

I never shed a tear at any of my graduations but cry every single time I watch graduation episodes on TV. With that, the fifth season of ‘Degrassi’ gave me those tears because our first class of ‘The Next Generation’ got to rock their cap and gowns and say adios to the halls of Degrassi.... Continue Reading →

Boy Band Fans: Then & Now

Boy bands, one of the greatest gifts to music - ever. A group of three to five attractive (most of the time) guys singing and dancing to pop that ranges from ridiculous bubblegum to genuinely great. What more could a tween...or in this case, 30-something-year-old want in life? With that, I was sitting around thinking...what... Continue Reading →

Girl Power Songs of the Past Decade

From boy bands to the pop-punk scene, my music collection always leaned towards being very male-heavy. Then one year I decided to do a series for my old site, Golden Mixtape, where I interviewed women in different fields of the music industry. That then led to Golden Mixtape featuring only women. I didn’t make an... Continue Reading →

Go There Moments of Degrassi (Season 4)

Season 4 of ‘Degrassi’ originally aired my senior year. Writing that out, I feel as ancient as ever and while memories from that time continue to fade with each new day, I remember the absolute shockwaves this season sent within my tiny crew. We could not believe our eyes when...well if you’ve seen the show... Continue Reading →

Go There Moments of Degrassi (Season 3)

This is where ‘Degrassi’ really started to come alive and make waves with people who didn’t even watch the show regularly. Gay-bashing, teen pregnancy, domestic abuse, and even cancer were on the table. It was a wild ride but 10 moments pushed ‘Degrassi’ further than ever before and freaking went there more than others. JT’s... Continue Reading →

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