Disney Soundtracks That Made The Movie That Much Better

If there is one thing a Disney movie needs to go above and beyond and become so much more than a cash grab for the company is an A + soundtrack. It’s what separates the iconic movies from the well, “Good Dinosaur.” From the very first whistle of those seven dwarves to the annoyance felt... Continue Reading →

Traumatic Pop Culture Moments ‘90s Kids Lived Through

There are people in my life who are really into their cultural heritage. Like they attend events, rock the traditional threads, post about it with the ultimate fucking pride. Which is all awesome and cool, but for those of us who are either mixed or who legit were raised by the small screen...it’s hard to... Continue Reading →

TRL Icons

There was nothing I loved more as an adolescent than ‘Total Request Live,’ and I am still highly upset my mom thought my student planners filled with the daily countdown details weren’t necessary to keep around. Yes, I’d not only write down the top 10 videos, but also the guests and other tidbits like if... Continue Reading →

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